podkisst5300300copygo.jpgIn the fall of 1978, TV viewers and pop culture enthusiasts got a double-shot of cheesy goodness. On October 28, “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park” had its television premiere. Kids across the States rocked out as their heroes struggled valiantly against robots, monsters, and even their own dialogue! From Ace‘s Black stunt double to the porno-funk fight music, it was cheese at its cheesiest. More “kitsch” than “KISS“, this movie defined all that was right and wrong about KISS in their heyday.Mere weeks later, the “Star Wars Holiday Special“ had its sole TV airing. This little travesty makes “Phantom of the Park“ look like “Casablanca“. Apart from a brief and brilliant animated segment introducing the world to the enigmatic Boba Fett, the “Star Wars Holiday Special“ was really neither Star Wars nor Special.

And yet I love both of these movies.

Whether I’m watching KISS battling their robot doubles or Bea Arthur dancing with Greedo, I’m instantly transported back in time to a simpler, gentler moment before we had digital effects, before the original lineup broke up, & before the 1970’s ended.

In dreams, I frequent a non-existent museum wherein the year 1978 is celebrated and commemorated. Glass cases house 1st edition copies of The World According to Garp and The Year of Living Dangerously. Video screens show re-runs of “Taxi” and “WKRP in Cincinnati”. Visitors thrill to the 1st Space Invaders cabinet while children play with all 12 of the original Star Wars action figures. And there in the center of the museum stands a life-size cut-out of our 4 makeup-clad heroes, right where the Freddie the Fox and Oliver Walrus exhibit once stood.

On this edition of the PodKISSt we take you back to that glorious time as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of (arguably) KISS’s biggest and boldest year. Here are some of the highlights:

– a rare single version of “Strutter ’78” with a refreshingly different mix
– an overview of recent happenings in the KISS world
– the legendary “Black Box” solo album interviews
– a VERY SURPRISING phone call
– letters from our listeners
– lots of rare audio clips
– a tribute track from Canada
– and much, much more!

So snuggle up with your Shogun Warriors, put away your Howard the Duck comics (Steve Gerber R.I.P.), and ride the KISS coaster to Magic Mountain and beyond as we bring you our longest show yet! We had to split this into 2 files, so don’t forget to download them both!

We’ll be back soon, and we hope you enjoy what you hear. Drop us an email and let us know what you think. Big thanks to our friends at Sagafoo, MyKISSlife (especially Ken and Tony), KISSfaq, and elsewhere (you know who you are).

Goodbye is only for now!

Gary and James

[Note: this PodKISSt consists of 2 parts!! Both are available for streaming below – click “Play Now” next to Pt. 1 to begin!]