J.R. Smalling was KISS’s original road manager from January 1974 through June 1976, guiding the band from its struggling infancy to become the single most influential live concert act in rock history. Without Smalling and that initial hardcore crew of only six men, KISS wouldn’t be around.
Smalling’s voice graces the opening seconds of KISS’s 1975 landmark breakthrough album ALIVE! with the very intro he invented, the band’s now famous “You wanted the best and you got it. The hottest band in the land…KISS!”
In 2018, J.R. was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. The prognosis for patients is sadly only six months to four years. Fortunately, J.R. was able to find a medical team who hit upon an aggressive treatment recipe that has halted the disease in its tracks and his prognosis is now unlimited as long as he can continue treatment. I need you to go click and donate
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