REDD KROSS "The Party Underground" from Beyond the Door

STARCRAWLER "Bet My Brains" from Devour You

WYATT BLAIR "Cherry Rose" from Cherry Rose - Single

THE LILACS "Monica" from Endure - EP

STAG "Electric Mistress" from Electric Mistress - EP

THE JUNIOR LEAGUE "Falling in Love" from Adventureland

TITLE TRACKS "Don't Start" from Long Dream

THE REMBRANDTS "Broken Toy" from Via Satellite

SCOTT GAGNER "Two Guitars, Bass, And Drums" from Hummingbird Heart

MATTHEW WILIA "Attention Students" from Alone at St. Hugo

THE WELL WISHERS "Back Door" from The Lost Soundtrack

NICK FRATER "Sunshine After Rain" from IPO Volume 22

THE PERNICE BROTHERS "Unsound" from Spread The Feeling

THE JELLYBRICKS "Corner of My Eye" from Some Kind of Lucky

THE LEGAL MATTERS "The Legend of Walter Wright" from The Legal Matters

DAVID WOODARD "Nine Hundred Ninety Nine" from Everything in Between - EP

CLOUD ELEVEN "For Weal and for Woe" from Footnote

YOUNG GUV "High On My Mind" from Guv I

THE ANDERSON COUNCIL "Santa Clara" from Worlds Collide

THE NINES "Don't Ever Lose Your Control" from Shipwrecked: Eggers Songbook, Vol. 1

JIM BASNIGHT "Making Love for a Living" from Not Changing

TODD HERFINDAL "Bound for the Sun" from Two Track Mind

RIDE "Clouds of Saint Marie" from This Is Not a Safe Place

SPINN "Notice Me" from Spinn

THE MORNING LINE "Anhedonia (Start Again)" from North

THE RALLIES "All Over Town" from Upside Down

DAVID SCHRADER "Pup Tent" from As You Are, So I Am

DANNY DE LA MATYR "Lines" from Crybaby

THE HANGABOUTS "Sinking Feeling" from Kits & Kats & Saxon Wives

REDD KROSS "When Do I Get to Sing "My Way"" from Beyond the Door