SUCCESSFUL FAILURES "Because We're Ghosts" from Saratoga

REDD KROSS "What's a Boy to Do?" from Beyond the Door

EXTRA ARMS "Up From Here" from Up From Here

STAG "Pied Piper Blues" from Electric Mistress - EP

GENUINE LEATHER "Three Chord Song" from Three Chord Song - Single

WHITE REAPER "Real Long Time" from Real Long Time - Single

THE CARS "Don't Cha Stop" from The Cars

THE CARS "Gimme Some Slack" from Panorama

GUIDED BY VOICES "Teenage FBI" from Do The Collapse

PERNICE BROTHERS "Skinny Jeanne" from Spread The Feeling

YOUNG GUV "Roll With Me" from Guv I

THE STAN LAURELS "Lost & Found" from Lost & Found - Single

SCOTT GAGNER "Baby Gets What Baby Wants" from Hummingbird Heart

DAVID WOODARD "We're Not Coming Back" from Everything in Between - EP

THE REMBRANDTS "How Far Would You Go" from Via Satellite


THE WELL WISHERS "She Already Knows" from The Lost Soundtrack

BIG TIDE "Make a Baby" from Sync or Swim

FUZZYSURF "Denny" from Fuzzy & the Surfs

THE ANDERSON COUNCIL "Camden Town" from Worlds Collide

JONATHAN PUSHKAR "We Could Be Together" from Straighten Up

THE NINES "Take the Chance" from Shipwrecked: Eggers Songbook, Vol. 1

DEAR BOY "Semester" from The Strawberry - EP

RIDE "Fifteen Minutes" from This Is Not a Safe Place

CRIMINAL HYGIENE "Dangers of Convenience" from Run It Again

BURNING FERNS "The Watchers" from Public Mono

THE BROKEN WEST "Down in the Valley" from The Dutchman's Gold - EP

WADE JOHNSON "When Will It End" from When Will It End - Single

PUGWASH "The Perfect Summer" from Silverlake

GRETCHEN'S WHEEL "Stuck on You" from Stuck on You - Single

PERNICE BROTHERS "Always In All Ways" from Spread The Feeling