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A VIEW OF EARTH FROM THE MOON - A Thousand Miles Apart (Closer to a Ghost)
NADA SURF - Treading Water (Let Go)
THE PINK TILES - Independence Days (#1 Fan)
EYELIDS - Broken Continue (s/t)
THE SEE SEE - Over & Under (Once Forever & Again)
PUGWASH - What Are You Like (Silverlake)
CHRIS RICHARDS & THE SUBTRACTIONS - The Coast Is Clear (Peaks & Valleys)
TUNS - Back Among Friends (s/t)
RICHARD TURGEON - Creeper (Single)
GUIDED BY VOICES - Diver Dan (How Do You Spell Heaven?)
SITCOM NEIGHBOR - Tourist Attraction (Shag)
WYATT FUNDERBURK - Love Will Lead The Way (Nobel & Profane)
CADDY - The Good Ones (single)
LOVE AXE - Only Gonna Tear You Apart (South Dakota)
WESLEY FULLER - Inner City Dream (Inner City Dream)
LUCILLE FURS - Does It Matter To You (s/t)
SURFER BLOOD - Island (1000 Palms)
THE JEANIES - Amilee (single)
THE JUNIPERS - Gordie Can't Swim (Cut Your Key)
THE RED BUTTON - Sandreen (As Far as Yesterday Goes)
THE LUNAR LAUGH - Mama's Boy (Mama's Boy)
KEVIN KANE - Last To Know (How To Build a Lighthouse)
SUPERCHUNK - Erasure (What a Time to Be Alive)
FIRST BASE - Not That Bad (Not That Bad)
TELEPHONE LOVERS - Without You (s/t)
SUPERDRAG - Baby Goes to 11 (Last Call For Vitriol)
JASON FALKNER - Evangeline (All Quiet On The Noise Floor)
THE PERMS - Lose Yourself (Miracle)
RULER - Easy Life (single)
A VIEW OF EARTH FROM THE MOON - Distance Runner (Closer to a Ghost)