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RAISED ON TV - Big Sur (Season 1)
8X8 - Time & Tender Love (Anatomy of an Apricot)
A VIEW OF EARTH FROM THE MOON - Distance Runner (Closer to a Ghost)
PUGWASH - Everyone Knows That You're Mine (Silverlake)
THE GOLDEN RAIL - Oh My! (Electric Trails to Nowhere)
THE LEGAL MATTERS - Short Term Memory (Conrad)
RULER - Easy Life (single)
BRENDAN BENSON - Tiny Spark (Lapalco)
HOOLAHAN - Every Time You Go (Casaurina)
THE PINK TILES - Time For Love (#1 Fan)
PSEUDONYM - Lorraine (Pack Of Lies)
GREEN BUZZARD - Do You Ever Glow? (Space Man Rodeo)
THE GLAD MACHINE - Homecoming (s/t)
BLANK PAGES - She's Got The Knack (Before Summer Fades)
THE CAMPBELL APARTMENT - Frustration Station (single)
GUIDED BY VOICES - Paper Cutz (How Do You Spell Heaven)
1220 - So Far (Killing For a Living)
THE LEMONHEADS - Steve's Boy (s/t)
SUPERCHUNK -Erasure (What a Time to be Alive)
WYLDLIFE - Bandida (Out on Your Block)
FIRST BASE - Eastchester Ave. (Not That Bad)
GIUDA - Get On The Line (Let's Do It Again)
TELEPHONE LOVERS - Downtown Girl (s/t)
ODDS - Make You Mad (Nest)
BREAKING LACES - I Used to be a Boy Scout (Come Get Some)
THE RUBS - Wrap My Life (Impossible Dream)
GRAPES OF WRATH - I Am Here (These Days)
SITCOM NEIGHBOR - Tourist Attraction (Shag)
DODGY - Trust In Time (Free Peace Sweet)
STARLING ELECTRIC - Permanent Vacation (Electric Company)
A VIEW OF EARTH FROM THE MOON - A Thousand Miles Apart (Closer to a Ghost)