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GOODMAN "Shallow (Completely Shallow)" from The Era of Buckets 2019
NADA SURF "So Much Love" from Never Not Together 2020
MERCY UNION "Totem" from II - Single 2019
JIMMY EAT WORLD "Diamond" from Surviving 2019
THE LOLAS "Oceans of the Moon" from Bulletproof 2019
BRYAN ESTEPA "I'm Not Ready for This" from Sometimes I Just Don't Know 2019
FREDERICK JULIUS "Summer Camp" from Fixers & Elixirs 2019
BRYAN SCARY "Birdy" from Birds 2019
BLEACHED "Somebody Dial 911" from Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough? 2019
MACSEAL "Lucky for Some" from Super Enthusiast 2019
GUIDED BY VOICES "Volcano" from Surrender Your Poppy Field 2020
RICHARD TURGEON "Running For Your Life" from Single 2020
FARRINGTON79 "Run For Your Life" from Pictures of Pretty Things 2019
JORDAN JONES "Wrote You a Song for Me" from Jordan Jones 2019
TROLLEY "I'll Never Tell" from I'll Never Tell - Single 2019
EMPEROR PENGUIN "You'll Be the Death of Me" from Soak Up the Gravy 2020
FASTBALL "Friend or Foe" from The Help Machine 2019
MINKY STARSHINE "Go!" from Dirty Electric 2018
THE GRIP WEEDS "Infinite Soul" from Giant On the Beach 2013
CITY MAZE "Heavy Heart" from Heavy Heart - EP 2019
THE WEEKLINGS "3" from 3 2020
STEVEN BRADLEY "Pre-Emptive Strike" from Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears 2019
ROB MARTINEZ "Summer Of Love" from Maybe Miss America 2020
ROOFTOP SCREAMERS "Our Lucky Night" from Single
POPULAR CREEPS "Out of My Head" from Bloodshot Red 2019
BIG QUIET "Interesting Times" from Interesting Times 2019
THE SEVEN & SIX "Dreaming With You" from Single 2019
MORE KICKS "She's a Reaction" from More Kicks 2019
THE DARKNESS "Live 'Til I Die" from Easter is Cancelled 2019