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NADA SURF "Something I Should Do" from Never Not Together
GOODMAN "Watch Your Mouth" from The Era of Buckets
GUIDED BY VOICES "Volcano" from Volcano
SLUMBERJET "Across the Divide" from World of Sound
LOLAS "Deestroy" from Bulletproof
THE CUDAS "TV Is Cool Again" from TV Is Cool Again
EXTRA ARMS "Comes in Waves" from Up From Here
JIMMY EAT WORLD "Diamond" from Surviving
BLEACHED "Somebody Dial 911" from Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough?
DEAR BOY "Semester" from The Strawberry EP
SPINN "Who You Are" from Who You Are
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "The Surprise Knock" from In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights
PERNICE BROTHERS "The Devil and the Jinn" from Spread The Feeling
JORDAN JONES "My Somebody" from Jordan Jones
FARRINGTON "Blue" from Pictures of Pretty Things
PAUL COLLINS "Glittering Gold" from For the Record: A Tribute to John Wicks
THE WEEKLINGS "In the Moment" from In the Moment
EMPEROR PENGUIN "You'll Be the Death of Me" from Soak Up the Gravy
KC BOWMAN "The Declaration" from Single
ROB MARTINEZ "Summer of Love" from Maybe Miss America
FREDERICK JULIUS "Valerie May I" from Fixers & Elixirs
BRYAN SCARY "I Saw Birds Flocking" from Birds
POWERSLIDE "Enough About You" from Peel
TUGBOAT ANNIE "Stop" from The Space Around You
BUFFALO TOM "Tree House" from Big Red Letter Day
THE DARKNESS "Live 'Til I Die" from Easter is Cancelled
CERTAIN STARS "Their Various Periscopes" from The Devil Made Whiskey
NADA SURF "Ride in the Unknown" from Never Not Together