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JOYLAND "Hey Summer" from Hey Summer
MINKY STARSHINE "Go!" from Dirty Electric
RICHARD TURGEON "Running for Your Life" from Single
THE WILD KINDNESS "Trace Yr Veins" from Happy Now
THE RALLIES "If You Do" from Upside Down
THE GOLDEN RAIL "Don't Let Go of the Light" from Sometimes When
WILLIAM DUKE "Caroline and the Silver Screen" from Quatro
BRENDAN BENSON "Cold Hands (Warm Heart)" from The Alternative to Love
JOHN WICKS "She's All I Need" from For the Record: A Tribute to John Wicks
THE FOREIGN FILMS "Broken Dreamers" from The Record Collector
ATTIC LIGHTS "Louis" from Louis
THE RESONARS "Before You’re Gone" from No Exit
GEOFF PALMER "Cha-Ching" from Pulling Out All the Stops
CADDY "Tornado" from Tornado
THE LOLAS "Stop the War" from Bulletproof
THE SPITFIRES "So Long" from So Long - Single
DINKY "Lights Go Out" from Open Letters
THE GOLDEN SEALS "Independence Day" from Independence Day
SPLITSVILLE "Forever" from The Complete Pet Soul
ROONEY "Blueside" from Rooney
BRYAN ESTEPA "I'm Not Ready for This" from I'm Not Ready for This
CRASH INTO JUNE "Breakthough" from Another Vivid Scene
CLOUDS "Say It" from Octopus
CHOPPER ONE "Free Lunch" from Now Playing
EMPEROR PENGUIN "What's Come Over Me" from Soak Up the Gravy
CAST "Fine Time" from All Change
JORDAN JONES "Wrote You a Song for Me" from Jordan Jones
MICHAEL CARPENTER "The Start of Being Alone" from The Start of Being Alone
THE WEEKLINGS "3" from 3
POPULAR CREEPS "Metal Kid" from Bloodshot Red