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SWERVEDRIVER “Mary Winter” from Future Ruins (2018)
CHEETAHS “Flake” from Extended Plays (2013)
CROCODILES “Wait Until Tomorrow” from Love Is Here (2019)
WAND “Plum” from Plum (2017)
MOTHBOXER “Better When It Rains” from Open Sky (2018)
WYATT BLAIR “(Stuck in a) Daydream” from Inspirational Strawberries (2018)
SHAKE SOME ACTION! “Can You Feel?” from Fire and Ice (2010)
PAINTED DOLL “She Talks to Mirrors” from Painted Doll (2018)
FAST ROMANTICS “Julia” from American Love (2017)
RAYLAND BAXTER “79 Shiny Revolvers” from Wide Awake (2018)
CAPER CLOWNS “Verboten” from single (2019)
THE VAPOUR TRAILS “Godspeed It” from Godspeed It (2019)
RULER “Unhindeerd Pace” from Winning Star Champion (2018)
ANTON BARBEAU “Magazine Street” from Natural Causes (2018)
METTS RYAN & COLLINS “Light Horizon” from Homegrown (2018)
NADA SURF “Out of the Dark” from You Know Who You Are (2016)
WES HOLLYWOOD “Four Pound Twenty” from Dynamite (2018)
HOUSEHOLD NAMES “Hold on Tight” from single (2003)
GENTLE HEN “She's Got It Bad” from Be Nice to Everyone (2018)
ARMY NAVY “Crushed Like the Car” from The Wilderness Inside (2014)
EYELIDS “Falling Eyes” from Or (2017)
Dave Sheinin “Little California” from First Thing Tomorrow (2018)
JASON FALKNER “Lost Myself” from Bliss Descending - EP (2003)
THE ARGUMENT “Movin' In” from Recess Serenade (2004)
SUPERGRASS “Rush Hour Soul” from Life On Other Planets (2002)
KAISER CHIEFS “I Predict a Riot” from Employment (2005)
JEREMY MESSERSMITH “Monday, You're Not So Bad” from Late Stage Capitalism (2018)
TELE NOVELLA “Heavy Balloon” from House of Souls (2016)
GREG POPE “Forget About You” from A Few Seconds of Fame (2018)
SWERVEDRIVER “The Lonely Crowd Fades in the Air” from Future Ruins (2018)