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THE PINK SPIDERS “Little Razorblade” from Hot Pink (2006)
THE GRAVEL PIT “Baby Gap” from Mass Avenue Freeze-Out (2001)
SWITCHES “Drama Queen” from Drama Queen - EP (2007)
TEST YOUR REFLEX “Pieces of the Sun” from The Burning Hour (2007)
THE COMAS “Come My Sunshine” from Spells (2007)
BLACK STRAP “Rough Parade” from Steal My Horses and Run (2008)
JET LAG GEMINI “Run This City” from Fire the Cannons (2007)
TUGBOAT ANNIE “The Wishing Song” from The Space Around You (2000)
ACUTE “The City” from Arms Around a Stranger (2007)
RCK KILLS KID “Are You Nervous?” from Are You Nervous? (2006)
THE SILVER SEAS “Imaginary Girl” from High Society (2007)
PARACHUTE “Under Control” from Losing Sleep (2009)
THE RUSE “Beautiful Is Gone” from Midnight in the City THE CROWNS “Weirdest Summer” from Weirdest Summer - Single (2011)
THE ANTENNAS “A Call To Arms” from The Antennas (2009)
JUGHEAD “Snow In Tahiti” from Jughead (2002)
MEXICO 70 “Hello Hello” from Thirty Five Whirlpools Below Sound (2006)
THE BISHOPS “Hold On” from For Now (2009)
THE RIFLES “Winter Calls” from Great Escape (2009)
TIM MYERS “The Good Life” from The Good Life - EP (2008)
McFLY “Do Ya” from Do Ya / Stay With Me - Single (2008)
PARKS “Sweater Weather” from Sweater Weather - Single (2012)
HEAD AUTOMATICA “God” from Popaganda (2006)
THE STARS EXPLODE “Here and Now” from Between the Lines (2012)
WATERSHED “Obvious” from The Fifth of July (2005)
MATTHEW “Everybody Down” from Everybody Down (2002)
THE CHANGES “When I Wake” from Today Is Tonight (2006)
PUSH TO TALK “Yes Takes a No” from Push to Talk (2006)
THE EVIL EYE “Vicious Circle” from Vicious Circle - Single (2011)
THE WHISKEY SAINTS “Always in My Heart” from 24 Hours (2011)