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GUIDED BY VOICES - The Birthday Democrats (How Do You Spell Heaven)
LANNIE FLOWERS - Day Glow (single)
THE JELLYBRICKS - More To Lose (Goodnight To Everyone)
THRIFT STORE HALO - Every Time With You (single)
THE RALLIES - No One Knows (Serve)
HURRY - Waiting For You (Every Little Thought)
THE WELL WISHERS - Gravity Waits (A View From Above)
A VIEW OF EARTH FROM THE MOON - Distance Runner (Closer To a Ghost)
NADA SURF - Happy Kid (Let Go)
TWO HOURS TRAFFIC - Territory (Territory)
EX-COPS - James (True Hallucinations)
THE POSIES - Conversations (Every Kind Of Light)
SLOAN - Right To Roam (12)
RICHARD TURGEON - Lost Angeles (single)
RIDE - Keep It Surreal (Tomorrow's Shore EP)
THE MITES - Washaway (Bellows EP)
THE PINK TILES - Time For Love (#1 Fan)
THE SEE SEE - Big Bad Storm (Once Forever & Again)
MICHAEL SIMMONS - Get Back What You Put In (First Days of Summer)
THE RUBS - Wrap My Life (Impossible Dream)
HURRICANE BELLS - Ghost Of Her (Tides & Tales)
THE ORANGE PEELS - All The World Could Pass Me By (Square)
BEST COAST - Feeling OK (California Nights)
HIDEOUS TOWNS - Lion (Disquiet Living)
SPYGENIUS - Shall I Show You in My Mirror (Pacephale)
COTTON MOTHER - 40 Watt Solution (The Big Picture)
LUCILLE FURS - Pink Noise (s/t)
HOOLAHAN - Instant Gain (Causurina)
LIAM GALLAGHER - Wall Of Glass (As You Were)
GOSPELBEACH - Hangin On (Another Summer of Love)
RULER - Petrified (Winning Star Champion)