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RAYLAND BAXTER “Casanova” from Wide Awake (2018)
WOLF ALICE “Formidable Cool” from Visions of a Life (2017)
SWERVEDRVER “Mary Winter” from Future Ruins (2018)
BOB MOULD “What Do You Want Me To Do” from Sunshine Rock (2019)
SLUSH “Middle Name” from Middle Name - Single (2019)
POTTY MOUTH “Starry Eyes” from Snafu (2019)
THE MAUREENS “Something in the Air” from Something in the Air (2019)
PERFECT STRANGERS “Chained and Crowned” from Unlikely Partners (2019)
CROCODILES “Exit My Head” from Love Is Here (2019)
DELETED WAVEFORM GATHERINGS “Razor Light” from Baby Warfare (2008)
GUIDED BY VOICES “Your Lights Are Out” from Zeppelin Over China (2019)
CLASS THREE OVERBITE “Dropping the Bombs” from Horses For Courses (2008)
ARMCHAIR ORACLES “Downsized Life” from Downsized Life - Single (2019)
Gretchen's Wheel “Always Love” from Moth to Lamplight (2019)
CASSETTES “She Gets What She Wants” from Wild Heart (2019)
SILVER SUN “Bubblegum” from Disappear Here (2004)
CREAMER “Drugs No More” from Creamer (2018)
LUND BROS. “Told You So” from "Loser" 1993-97' - Remasters and Rarities (2019)
VALLEY LODGE “Stars Won't Fall” from Fog Machine (2018)
DANNY NEWCOMB & SUGARMAKERS “Summer Sky” from All the Way (2017)
THE LEGAL MATTERS “Anything” from Conrad (2016)
THE GOLDEN RAIL “Life is a Dog Box” from Sometimes When (2019)
JAMES GUFFEE “Sideways” from So Much for Secrets (2005)
I WAS A KING “Bubble” from Slow Century (2019)
The Nines “How Does It Feel?” from Properties of Sound (2001)
BERTLING NOISE LABORATORIES “Whisper Softly” from Into Thin Air (2019)
WILLIE WISELY TRIO “Kiss Her and Make It Right” from True (2012)
GUIDED BY VOICES “Wrong Turn On” from Zeppelin Over China (2019)