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THE SHAZAM "Super Tuesday" from Godspeed the Shazam
NADA SURF "Something I Should Do" from Never Not Together
MY LIFE STORY "Broken" from World Citizen
THE OVERTURES "She Belongs to Yesterday" from Onceinaworld
THE BEACHES "T-Shirt" from Late Show
THE BUOYS "Gold" from Gold
BEACH BUNNY "Ms. California" from Ms. California
THE LOLAS "Oceans of the Moon" from Bulletproof
MORE KICKS "Ain't That Just the Way" from More Kicks
DANNY McDONALD "Commuter's Lament" from Modern Architecture - EP
RED SKYLARK "Hey Precious Stone" from Red Skylark
CABIN ESSENCE "For Your Love" from For Your Love
THE LEMON TWIGS "The One" from The One
BRENDAN BENSON "Good To Be Alive" from Dear Life
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "The Surprise Knock" from In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights
VISTAS "The Love You Give" from Everything Changes in the End
BIG QUIET "Sleep Sleep Eat" from Interesting Times
DIIV "Skin Game" from Skin Game
CALVA LOUISE "Outrageous" from Outrageous
STARCRAWLER "Bet My Brains" from Bet My Brains
STARER JACKETS "Northender" from Decisions
VISQUEEN "Vaxxine" from King Me
THE DARKNESS "Live 'Til I Die" from Easter is Cancelled
BYE BYE BLACKBIRDS "Baby It's Still You" from Boxer At Rest
FARRINGTON "Blue" from Pictures of Pretty Things
THE NINES "Melanie" from Properties of Sound
CAPER CLOWNS "Space & Time" from Space & Time
MARMALADE SOULS "My Heart Belongs to You" from Marmalade Souls
THE ZINEDINES "Take Me Take Me" from Take Me Take Me
GLOWBOX "Earn Enough For Us" from Garden of Earthly Delights: A Tribute To XTC
LANNIE FLOWERS "Kiss a Memory" from Kiss a Memory
DANNY WILKERSON "Where Did The Ordinary People Go" from Garden of Earthly Delights: A Tribute To XTC