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THE WELL WISHERS “Feelin Fine” from Single (2019)
LUND BROS. “Come On” from "Loser" 1993-97' - Remasters and Rarities (2019)
BOB MOULD “Sunny Love Song” from Sunshine Rock (2019)
POTTY MOUTH “Do It Again” from Snafu (2019)
LIZ PHAIR “Love/Hate” from Liz Phair (2003)
THE CITY VIEWS “White Flag” from Find Me Rewinding - EP (2019)
NADA SURF “Rushing” from You Know Who You Are (2016)
THE WAXWINGS “Fragile Girl” from Low to the Ground (2000)
BOYS W/ THE PERPETUAL NERVOUSNESS “Close the Doors” from Dead Calm (2019)
THE MAUREENS “Turn the Page” from Something in the Air (2019)
CROCODILES “Prisoners” from Love Is Here (2019)
THE BETHS “Not Running” from Future Me Hates Me (2018)
SLUSH “Middle Name” from Middle Name - Single (2019)
CASSETTES “Born in the 90s” from Wild Heart (2019)
THE STAN LAURELS “Maybe” from Maybe (2018)
DECO AUTO “Accident I Am” from Past Mistakes and Hauntings (2012)
GUIDED BY VOICES “Wrong Turn On” from Zeppelin Over China (2019)
THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES “21st Century Rip Off” from Behind the Music (2002)
METTS RYAN & COLLINS “Light Horizon” from Homegrown (2018)
WILCO “Monday” from Being There (1996)
TUNS “Mind Over Matter” from Tuns (2016)
PAINTED DOLL “Painted Doll” from Painted Doll (2018)
BLANK PAGES “Let It Flow” from Into the Ether - EP (2019)
MYRACLE BRAH “I'd Rather Be” from The Myracle Brah (2000)
GRETCHEN'S WHEEL “Clear Eye Clouded Mind” from Moth to Lamplight: A Tribute to Nada Surf (2019)
THE PERSIAN LEAPS “Time Slips” from Pop That Goes Crunch (2018)
ARMCHAIR ORACLES “Downsized Life” from Downsized Life - Single (2019)
PUGWASH “Kicking and Screaming” from Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends) (2015)
GRASS~SHOW “Illusion” from Single (1995)
EGGSTONE “The Dog” from Somersault (1995)
GUIDED BY VOICES “Your Lights Are Out” from Zeppelin Over China (2019)