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POTTY MOUTH “Starry Eyes” from Snafu (2019)
MOVING PANORAMAS “Baby Blues” from Baby Blues - Single (2018)
THE MITES “Washaway” from Bellows - EP (2014)
CROCODILES “Heart Like a Gun” from Love Is Here (2019)
THE CITY VIEWS “I Don't Mind” from Find Me Rewinding - EP (2019)
PERFECT STRANGERS “Chained and Crowned” from Unlikely Partners (2019)
LUND BROS. “Told You So” from "Loser" 1993-97' - Remasters and Rarities (2019)
THE TURNBACK “Here I Am” from Spinning the Earth in Reverse (2018)
REACTION “Everything She Said” from Edison Park (2016)
BOYS W/ THE PERPETUAL NERVOUSNESS “Nervous Man” from Dead Calm (2019)
I WAS A KING “Clouds” from Slow Century (2019)
TEENAGE FANCLUB “About You” from Grand Prix (1995)
THE DECIBELS “Hey Emily” from Scene Not Heard (2018)
THE BOBBLEHEADS “Joey” from Myths & Fables (2019)
NICK PIUNTI “13 in My Head” from 13 in My Head (2013)
THE WELL WISHERS “Feelin Fine” from Single (2019)
CLIFF HILLIS “Keep the Blue Skies” from Dream Good (2012)
THE RALLIES “All Of Us” from Single (2018)
SECRET POWERS “Awfully Nice” from Explorers of the Polar Eclipse (2008)
GUIDED BY VOICES “Your Lights Are Out” from Zeppelin Over China (2019)
ROBERT POLLARD “Subspace Biographies” from Waved Out (1998)
COPPER THIEVES “Take Me to War” from II (2011)
MAGNAPOP “Lay It Down” from Hot Boxing (1994)
BOB MOULD “Lost Faith” from Sunshine Rock (2019)
THE GENUINE FAKES “Wither Away” from Issues (2018)
Alvvays “Hey” from Antisocialites (2017)
FAST ROMANTICS “Why We Fight” from American Love (2017)
CHRIS CHURCH “Fall Into Me” from Limitations of Source Tape (2018)
EUGENE EDWARDS “Congratulations, My Darling” from My Favorite Revolution (2004)
THE PARTIES “Let's Call It Love” from Coast Garde (2010)
THE BOBBLEHEADS “I Really See You” from I Really See You - Single (2019)