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TRIP WIRE "Easy Exit" from Once and Always
ANTON BARBEAU "Magazine Street" from Natural Causes
AN HORSE "This is a Song" from Modern Air o
ATTIC LIGHTS "Louis" from Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks
CABANA WEAR "Get Well" from Cabana Wear
NO WIN "Shelley Duvall" from Downey
WEEZER "High as a Kite" from Single
MOVING PANORAMAS "Baby Blues" from In Two
NIGHT FLOWERS "Sleep" from Sleep single
EVEN "The Opener" from Satin Returns
I WAS A KING "No Way Out" from Slow Century
POTTY MOUTH "Starry Eyes" from Snafu
BOYS W/ THE PERPETUAL NERVOUSNESS "Close the Doors" from Dead Calm
GRAPES OF WRATH "18" from (Unreleased Demo)
SUPER DELUXE "Farrah Fawcett" from Via Satellite
CRIMINAL HYGIENE "Dangers of Convenience" from Run It Again
MRS. MAGICIAN "Eyes All Over Town" from Bermuda
THE DECIBELS "Thinking About You" from Scene, Not Herd
THE BEATPUNKERS "Lonesome Heartbreaker" from Those Years Songs
THE BOBBLEHEADS "I Really See You" from Myths and Fables
THE KARIANNES "The Song is a Cure" from Single
GRETCHEN'S WHEEL "Always Love" from Moth to Lamplight: A Tribute to Nada Surf
CASSETTES "She Gets What She Wants" from Wild Heart
DAVID BROOKINGS & AVERAGE LOOKINGS "I Grow up Fast" from Scorpio Monologue
THE WELL WISHERS "Second Hand News" from Single
KAI DANZBERG "Nothing In My Head" from Not Only Sunshine on Big Stir Records
BILL SCHULZ "Future Butterfly" from Bill Schulz
THE REALS "Around" from Thank You Card
ADAM SCHMITT "Can't Get You On My Mind" from World So Bright (request)
CABANA WEAR "Scaredy Horse" from Cabana Wear