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WEEZER "High As A Kite" from High As A Kite
CABANA WEAR "Get Well" from Cabana Wear
NO WIN "Shelly Duvall" from Downey
AN HORSE "This is a Song" from Modern Air
BIG EYES "Lucky You" from Streets Of The Lost
DECO AUTO "Turnaround" from Another Great Decision
BOB MOULD "Sunny Love Song" from Sunshine Rock
PARASITE DIET "She's Got It" from Braindead
GRETCHEN'S WHEEL "Clear Eye Clouded Mind" from
Moth to Lamplight: A Tribute to Nada Surf
THE WELL WISHERS "Feelin Fine" from Feelin Fine - Single
THE BOBBLEHEADS "Joey" from Myths and Fables
THE KARIANNES "Every Word Means No" from Single
THE SHAZAM "A Little Better" from Meteor
THE MORNING LINE "Nostradamus" from North
TRIP WIRE "Down" from Once & Always
THE DECIBELS "It's Not Me" from Scene, Not Herd
GUIDED BY VOICES "Your Lights Are Out" from Zeppelin Over China
SUPERDRAG "Remain Yer Strange" from Last Call for Vitriol
CRIMINAL HYGIENE "Hardly News" from Run It Again
POTTY MOUTH "Fencewalker" from Snafu
ATTIC LIGHTS "Louis" from Love In the Time of Shark Attacks
JOE SULLIVAN "Mr. Positivity" from Growing Up Schlockstar
SILVER SUN "Last Day" from Silver Sun
THE FAGS "Truly, Truly" from The Fags - EP
DOUGHBOYS "Fix Me" from Crush (International Version)
PEZBAND "Meika" from Cover To Cover
THE SEARCHERS "Little Bit of Heaven" from Love's Melodies request
SHAKE SOME ACTION! "Mr. Memory" from Single
ERIC BARAO "Unhappy Ending" from Obsolete
DAVID BROOKINGS & THE AVERAGE LOOKINGS "I Grow Up Fast" from Scorpio Monologue