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SHAKE SOME ACTION "Mr. Memory" from Single
THE TOP BOOST "Dreaming" from Dreaming EP
I WAS A KING "No Way Out" from Slow Century
THE MAUREENS "Turn the Page" from Something in the Air
CABANA WEAR "Scaredy Horse" from Cabana Wear
NO WIN "After Your Legs" from Downey
POTTY MOUTH "Plastic Paradise" from Snafu
KEVIN McADAMS "A Different Kind of Love Song" from It's My Time to Lose My Mind
ERIC BARAO "Obsolete" from Obsolete
RAYLAND BAXTER "79 Shiny Revolvers" from Wide Awake
TRIP WIRE "Easy Exit" from Once & Always
THE LEMONHEADS "If I Could Talk I'd Tell You" from Car Button Cloth
THE BOBBLEHEADS "I Really See You" from Myths and Fables
KAI DANZBERG "Nothing In My Head" from Not Only Sunshine
THE DECIBELS "Hey Emily" from Scene, Not Herd
THE MOCKERS "Coronation" from Living In the Holland Tunnel
ARMCHAIR ORACLES "She Gets Me High" from Caught By Light
PUGWASH "Here We Go 'Round Again" from The Olympus Sound
HURRY "Heatwave" from Every Little Thought
THE MORNING LINE "Nostradamus" from North
SLOAN "I Was Wrong" from Action Pact
DECO AUTO "Time Won't Let Me" from Another Great Decision
CRIMINAL HYGIENE "Dangers of Convenience" from Run It Again
SWEET APPLE PIE "Glue Girl" from Everybody Wants To Be A Supertiger
THE AFTERNOONS "Baby, You Know the Deal" from Rocket Summer
DIAMOND HANDS "Now or Never" from II
DOUG TUTTLE "Can It Be" from Peace Potato
MATTHEW SWEET "Entangled" from Tomorrow Forever
THE VAPOUR TRAILS "Godspeed It" from Godspeed It
RIDE "Keep It Surreal" from Tomorrow's Shore - EP
DIIV "Under the Sun" from Is the Is Are
JOE SULLIVAN "Secret Weapon" from Growing Up Schlockstar