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THE BOBBLEHEADS "Do You" from Myths and Fables
TRIP WIRE "Had Enough" from Once & Always
THE LAST BEES "Can't Wait" from The Last Bees - EP
THE TOP BOOST "She Will Stay" from Dreaming EP
ERIC BARAO "Obsolete" from Obsolete
SHAKE SOME ACTION! "Mr Memory" from Mr Memory - Single
CABANA WEAR "Bother You" from Cabana Wear
THE STAN LAURELS "Poly Sigh" from Maybe
THE LOLAS "A Dozen or Seven Tapestries" from A Dozen or Seven Tapestries
THE JELLYBRICKS"Brooklyn" from Brooklyn - Single
RULER "The Cure" from Winning Star Champion
SUPRALUXE "The Answer" from Sweet and Sticky
THE DATES "Nervous" from Ask Again Later
ATTIC LIGHTS "Never By Myself" from Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks
I KNOW LEOPARD "Landmine" from Landmine - Single
JASON FALKNER "Maybe the Universe" from All Quiet On the Noise Floor
DAVID BROOKINGS & THE AVERAGE LOOKINGS "Destiny" from Scorpio Monologue
ARMCHAIR ORACLES "Downsized Life" from Caught by Light
CHRIS RICHARDS & THE SUBTRACTIONS "I Can't Quit Her" from Sad Sounds of the Summer
FOO FIGHTERS "Headwires" from There Is Nothing Left To Lose
RIDE "Future Love" from This Is Not a Safe Place
POTTY MOUTH "Do It Again" from Snafu
FIREKING "A Sentimental Education" from Double Trouble
NO WIN "Outsource" from Downey
ORANGER "Crones" from New Comes and Goes
APEX MANOR "Where My Mind Goes" from Heartbreak City
UFO "Doctor Doctor" from Phenomenon (Remastered)
URGE OVERKILL "Sister Havana" from Saturation
THRUSH HERMIT "Skip the Life" from Sweet Homewrecker
SLOAN "She Says What She Means" from Navy Blues