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CABANA WEAR "Get Well" from Cabana Wear
MOVING PANARAMAS "Baby Blues" from Baby Blues - Single
RIDE "Future Love" from This Is Not a Safe Place
I WAS A KING "Clouds" from Slow Century
SHAKE SOME ACTION! "Charades" from Charades - Single
THE LOLAS "DJ Girl" from A Dozen or Seven Tapestries
THE DATES "Any Other Nite" from Ask Again Later
THE TOP BOOST "Dreaming" from Dreaming EP
TRIP WIRE "Act Fast" from Once & Always
THE LAST BEES "Crusade" from The Last Bees - EP
THE MORNING LINE "Anhedonia (Start Again)" from North
JOE SULLIVAN "The End" from Growing Up Shlockstar
STARBELLY "Lay Low" from Four
DAVID BROOKINGS & THE AVERAGE LOOKINGS "And It Feels Like..." from Scorpio Monologue
BIRD STREETS "Thanks For Calling" from Bird Streets
THE NEEDS "Summerbore" from Summerbore - Single
LEMONATOR "Broken Record" from Grandpop
JEFF WHALEN "Goofing Around" from 10 More Rock Super Hits
REDD KROSS "Mess Around" from Show World
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "The Electric Version" from Electric Version
THE CLOUDS "Check Us Out" from Single
THE CHURCHILLS "Close My Eyes" from Big Ideas
NO WIN "Shelly Duvall" from Downey
TURBO FRUITS "The Way I Want You" from No Control
THE BUZZ "Girl" from Sparkle & Pop - EP
FRISBIE "Lather" from New Debut
I KNOW LEOPARD "Landmine" from Love Is a Landmine
WEEZER "High As a Kite" from High as a Kite - Single
THE WELL WISHERS "Second Hand News" from Feelin Fine - single
SCOTT GAGNER "The Ghost of Me & You" from Pins & Needles