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ANC4 "You're the One" from You're the One - Single
THE TOP BOOST "She Will Stay" from Dreaming EP
THE MORNING LINE "Sickness" from North
BIG EYES "Lucky You" from Streets Of The Lost
DECO AUTO "Turnaround" from Another Great Decision - EP
THE DECIBELS "It's Not Me" from Scene, Not Herd
SHAKE SOME ACTION! "Hide Me Disguise Me" from Hide Me Disguise Me - Single
LOLAS "A Dozen or Seven Tapestries" from A Dozen or Seven Tapestries - Single
BISHOP'S DAREDEVIL STUNT CLUB "Get up Get Up" from Get up Get Up - Single
THE GLADHANDS "Kill'em With Kindness" from La Di Da
GUIDED BY VOICES "Wrong Turn On" from Zeppelin Over China
TRUE LOVE "Wing Commander" from ¡Pas Net!
THE BUZZ "Surrender" from Sparkle & Pop - EP
SITCOM NEIGHBOR "Love You Like Crazy" from Shag
STEPHEN LAWRENSON "Once Upon a Time" from Single
MODEL ROCKETS "He Didn't Think It Was Real" from Tell the Kids the Cops Are Here
ATTIC LIGHTS "Kings of Whatever" from Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks
SLOAN "Cleopatra" from Commonwealth
THE ANDERSON COUNCIL "Magical" from Assorted Colours
NUSHU "Here's To Feeling Free" from Hula
COKE BELDA "You're Not In Love" from Nummer Zwei
PEZBAND "Back in the Middle" from Cover to Cover Remix
CAR CITY "Connecting the Dots" from Car City
BOWMAN "Save Me" from Living to Dream
THE LONGSHOT "Chasing a Ghost" from Love Is for Losers
THE WELL WISHERS "Impossible to Blame" from Comes and Goes
THE NEEDS "Summerbore" from Summerbore - Single
SHUGGIE "Pleasure to Burn" from What It Is and How To Get It
BASH & POP "On the Rocks" from Anything Could Happen
RENO BO "Sweetheart Deal" from Lessons from a Shooting Star
CASSETTES "Born in the 90s" from Wild Heart
MICHAEL SLAWTER "Mick In '69" from Last Call for Breaking Hearts
CABANA WEAR "One Time in a Million" from Cabana Wear