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STARBELLY - The Stars of Constantine (Four)
LISA MYCHOLS - Goodbye to All Carousels (Sugar)
RULER - Unhindered Place (Winning Star Champion)
DAVID MYHR - Jealous Sun (Lucky Me)
NICK PIUNTI - Temporary High (Temporary High)
SUNSHINE BOYS - Tripping Through Time (Blue Music)
CADDY - Contagious (Ten Times Four)
SUPERDRAG - Lighting The Way (In The Valley of Dying Stars)
CHRIS RICHARDS & THE SUBTRACTIONS - Half Asleep (Peaks & Valleys)
MICHAEL SLAWTER - Mick in 69 (single)
CAPER CLOWNS - Sacre Bleu (single)
THE BEATLES - Mean Mr Mustard/PP/She Came In Through The BR Window (Abbey Road)
MATTHEW SWEET - I Belong To You (Tomorrow's Daughter)
THE OUTRYDERS - Hollow Victory (single)
BURNING HOUSE - Peach (single)
CHEETAHS - The Swan (Extended Plays)
FAUXKNOW - Carterista (Tactics)
ORANGER - Going Under (Shutdown The Sun)
WEEZER - Photograph (s/t)
THE LONGSHOT - Cult Hero (Love Is For Losers)
GUIDED BY VOICES - Colonel Paper (Space Gun)
OK GO - Here It Comes Again (Oh No)
VISQUEEN - Vaxxine (King Me)
STARBELLY - Law Low (Four)