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CLOUD ELEVEN "On Pismo Beach" from Footnote
THE REMBRANDTS "Broken Toy" from Via Satellite
THE MORNING YELLS "The Runner" from On the Lash
DOUG TUTTLE "Long Day to Your Home" from Dream Road
AN HORSE "Drown" from Modern Air
BIG EYES "Hourglass" from Streets of the Lost
SAHARA HOTNIGHTS "On Top of Your World" from Jennie Bomb
EAGLES OF DEATH METAL "I Want You so Hard (Boy's Bad News)" from Death by Sexy request
CRIMINAL HYGIENE "Dangers of Convenience" from Run It Again
ARLO "Culture" from Stab the Unstoppable Hero
THE GLADHANDS "Kill' em With Kindness" from La Di Da
REDD KROSS "Beyond the Door" from Beyond the Door
VALLEY LODGE "I'm Your Man" from Fog Machine
LATTE "Good Looking Girl" from Next To Ruin
THE LONGSHOT "Love Is For Losers" from Love Is for Losers
THE STAN LAURELS "Maybe" from Maybe
TEGAN & SARA "Nineteen" from The Con
DEALERSHIP "I Start to Explode" from TV Highway to the Stars
CABANA WEAR "Always Loose" from Cabana Wear
CHECKPOINT CHARLEY "She’s All Mine" from Pomp, Twaddle & Bombast: Songs 13 - 24
FARRAH "Swings & Roundabouts" from Farrah
THE LAST BEES "Crusade" from The Last Bees - EP
TRIP WIRE "Act Fast" from Once & Always
BISHOP'S DAREDEVIL STUNT CLUB "Starpower" from End Over End
THE DROWNERS "Stuck In Those Positions" from Muted To a Whisper
NO WIN "After Your Legs" from Downey
YOU AM I "Useless Information" from Saturday Night, 'Round Ten
SHAKE SOME ACTION! "Stranger in the House" from Stranger in the House - Single
THE CLOUDS "Check Us Out" from Check Us Out - Single
MOVING PANORAMAS "Dance Floor" from In Two
APEX MANOR "Asked & Answered" from Heartbreak City