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SHAKE SOME ACTION "Hard Act To Follow" from Thirty Nine
BISHOP'S DAREDEVIL STUNT CLUB "Get Up Get Up" from Get up Get Up - Single
TRIP WIRE "Bottle Rocket" from Once & Always
LATTE "Cookie" from Next To Ruin
BOB MOULD "Sunshine Rock" from Sunshine Rock
EX NORWEGIAN "Team No Sleep" from No Sleep
REDD KROSS "Beyond the Door" from Beyond the Door
FOXY SHAZAM "Unstoppable" from Foxy Shazam
GREEN BUZZARD "I Don't Wanna Be Alone" from Single
FRANKIE SIRAGUSA "Everybody's Scared" from From Deep Blue to Shallow Gold
THE LUNAR LAUGH "By the Light of the Living Room" from Goodnight Noises Everywhere
CLOUD ELEVEN "On Pismo Beach" from Footnote
THE RESONARS "Dull Today" from No Exit
DOUG TUTTLE "I'll Throw It All Away" from Dream Road
TITLE TRACKS "Piles Of Paper" from It Was Easy
FOXHALL STACKS "Turntable Exiles" from Copy of a Copy of a Copy of a Copy - Single
RICHARD X. HEYMAN "In a Sunlit Room" from Pop Circles
THE KINKS "The Village Green Preservation Society" from The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society
THE ORGONE BOX "Anaesthesia" from The Orgone Box
RUBY FREE "Lonelier Than Me" from Shades
THE NEEDS "I Regret It" from I Regret It - Single
CABANA WEAR "Get Well" from Cabana Wear
HURRY "An Element of Surprise" from Frustrate You - Single
TEENAGE FANCLUB "Near You" from Howdy!
THE WELL WISHERS "In Another Life" from A View From Above
ROONEY "Stay Away" from Rooney
ROOFTOP SCREAMERS "Your Day Will Come" from Your Day Will Come - Single
RHETT MILLER "This Is What I Do" from The Instigator