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RULER - Petrified (Winning Star Champion)
BURNING HOUSE - Peach (single)
DAVE PAULSON - Don't Let It Get You Down (Sandusky, OH)
STARBELLY - Lay Low (Four)
SUNSHINE BOYS - Glider Pilot (Blue Music)
ELVYN - This Is The End (Valley of the Kilowatt Hour)
LISA MYCHOLS - Into Oblivion (Sugar)
RUBY FREE - Owe To The Man (Shades)
WILLIAM DUKE - Caroline & The Silver Screen (Quatro)
MATTHEW SWEET - Out Of My Misery (Tomorrow's Daughter)
SIDEWALK SOCIETY - Sign of Evolution (Venus Saturn & the Crescent Moon)
DIAMOND HANDS - Now or Never (II)
FLASHING LIGHTS - Friends You Learn to Hate (Sweet Release)
THE STAN LAURELS - Maybe (Maybe)
FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE - A Dip in the Ocean (Sky Full of Holes)
CADDY - Contagious (Ten Times Four)
MICHAEL SLAWTER - Mick In 69 (Last Call For Breaking Hearts)
HEMMIT - Friends (One Ultra EP)
ROOFTOP SCREAMERS - Roses Again (single)
NICK PIUNTI - You're Perfect & I'm Not (Temporary High)
THE ORBANS - We're Her (When We Were Wild)
BRETT HARRIS - End of the Rope (Up In The Air)
STARLING ELECTRIC - Permanent Vacation (Electric Company)
CAPER CLOWNS - Sacre Bleu (single)
SLOAN - Essential Services (12)
THE OUTRYDERS - Hollow Victory (single)
BRENDAN BENSON - Light Of Day (What Kind of World)
THE LEMONHEADS - Rudderless (It's a Shame About Ray)
GRETCHEN'S WHEEL - Plans (Black Box Theory)
TOMMY SISTAK - Life Is Waiting There For You (Ready Set a GO-Go)
NICK PIUNTI - No Return (Temporary High)