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THE GLAD MACHINE "Virginia" from Single
THE CRY! "ELO Kiddies" from Never Surrender Tribute
THE NEEDS "I Regret It" from I Regret It - Single
SHAKE SOME ACTION "The Sooner The Better" from Thirty Nine
BIG FANG "Frame" from Human Distance EP
DUNCAN REID & THE BIG HEADS "Kelly's Gone Insane" from Single
THE TOMORROWS "Pity Her" from Jupiter Optimus Maximus
NICK PIUNTI "No Return" from Temporary High
THE REMBRANDTS "Broken Toy" from Via Satellite
WILLIE WISELY "Cut Your Groove" from Single
THE LUNAR LAUGH "Another Casualty" from Goodnight Noises Everywhere
I KNOW LEOPARD "Seventy Lies" from Love Is a Landmine
MOVING PANORAMAS "Dance Floor" from In Two
BERWANGER "Bad Vibrations" from Watching a Garden Die
DUDE YORK "Box" from Falling
GREEN BUZZARD "I Don't Want To Be Alone" from Single
THE MORNING YELLS "Behave" from On the Lash
THE RESONARS "Before You’re Gone" from No Exit
THE LOLAS "A Dozen or Seven Tapestries" from A Dozen or Seven Tapestries
COTTON MATHER "Password" from Kon Tiki
MARK WATSON BAND "Friends Again" from Beautiful EP
THE BROTHERS STEVE "Carolanne" from #1
CLOUD ELEVEN "On Pismo Beach" from Footnote
GRETCHEN'S WHEEL "Always Love" from Moth to Lamplight: A Tribute to Nada Surf
SLUMBERJET "Theme From Our Street" from Single
SPLITSVILLE "Headache" from Incorporated
JEREMY MESSERSMITH "Monday, You're Not So Bad" from Late Stage Capitalism
RICHARD X. HEYMAN "If You're So Inclined" from Pop Circles
FOXHALL STACKS "Turntable Exiles" from Copy of a Copy of a Copy of a Copy - Single