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NICK PIUNTI - No Return (Temporary High)
MICHAEL SLAWTER - Breathe (Last Call For Breaking Hearts)
SUNSHINE BOYS - Glider Pilot (Blue Music)
TOM CURLESS - Always Bloom Forever (Songs of Movement)
FOREIGN FILMS - State of the Art (The Record Collector)
RULER - Obvious (Winning Star Champion)
RECTANGLE SHADES - Running Out of Time (Mystical Numbers)
THE JANGLE BAND - Guy Who Used to Care (single)
DAVE PAULSON - Don't Let It Get You Down (Sandusky, OH)
CADDY - Miracle Turn (Ten Times Four)
JEFF WHALEN - The Alien Lanes (10 More Rock Super Hits)
DEATH BY UNGA BUNGA - So Cool (So Far So Good So Cool)
THE STAN LAURELS - I Want To Believe (Maybe)
THE ODD NUMBERS - Teach Myself (The Oddyssey)
RICHARD TURGEON - Remember (single)
LANDING GEAR - ETA (Breakup Songs ...)
BIRD STREETS - Betting on the Sun (s/t)
DANNY WILKERSON - Let It Go Tonight (Wilkerson)
WANDERLUST - World's Biggest Fan (s/t)
YOUNG SCUM - Freak Out (s/t)
SMOKESCREENS - Waiting For The Summer (Used To Yesterday)
DIRTY SIDEWALKS - Never Wanted to be Loved (Bring Down the House Lights)
BURNING HOUSE - Peach (single)
JETSTREAM PONY - Self-Destruct Reality (Self-Destruct Reality EP)
BILLY & DOLLY - Archies (Five Suns)
WILLIAM DUKE - Caroline 7 The Silver Screen (Quatro)
PAUL COLLINS - Go (Out Of My Mind)
MATTHEW SWEET - Giving It Back (100% Fun)
THE LONGSHOT - Chasing a Ghost (Love Is For Losers)
CHRIS CHURCH - Fall Into Me (Limitations of Source Tape)
SUGARBOMB - Clover (Bully)
JEFF WHALEN - 10 More Rock Super Hits (10 More Rock Super Hits)