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BIRD STREETS - Betting on the Sun (s/t)
RULER - Winning Star Champion (Winning Star Champion)
FOREIGN FILMS - Broken Dreamers (The Record Collector)
BILLY & DOLLY - Setting Sun (Five Suns)
RECTANGLE SHADES - Ranting & Raving (Mystical Numbers)
TOM CURLESS - Accelerated Moon (Songs of Movement)
LUND BROS - Tonight's Not Right (Lund Bros Live!)
NICK PIUNTI - Blameless (Temporary High)
CHRIS CHURCH - Something Completely (Limitations of Source Tape)
STARBELLY - Emily Says (Four)
GRETCHEN'S WHEEL - Plans (Black Box Theory)
JAMES GUFFEE - Sideways (So Much For Secrets)
UNAMERICAN - Tonight's The First Night (s/t)
JEFF WHALEN - Goofing Around (10 More Rock Super Hits)
THE STAN LAURELS - Maybe (Maybe)
SUPERCRUSH - I Can't Lie/Walking Backwards (single)
DAVE PAULSON - Sandusky (Sandusky, OH)
LISA MYCHOLS - Into Oblivion (Sugar)
WONDERMINTS - Proto-Pretty (s/t)
SMOKESCREENS - The Lost Song (Used To Yesterday)
YOUNG SCUM - Wasting Time (s/t)
EYELIDS - Falling Eyes (Or)
HANGING STARS - Golden Vanity (single)
SUNSHINE BLOOM - I, Me, You (Big Stir comp)
THE RAVINES - Everything's Fine (Everything's Fine)
SUPERGRASS - Jesus Came From Outer Space (s/t)
KAISER CHIEFS - I Can Do It Without You (Yours Truly, Angry Mob)
SILVER SUN - Last Day (s/t)
RELIENT K - Must Have Done Something Right (single)
JEFF WHALEN - Alien Lanes (10 More Rock Super Hits)