itunes pic
BURGESS MEREDITH - Olivia (A Dimension Of Sound)
RECTANGLE SHADES - Running Out Of Time (Mystical Numbers)
SCOTT GAGNER - Ghost Of Me & You (Pins & Needles)
FOREIGN FILMS - Northern Love Song (The Record Collector)
DANNY WILKERSON - You Still Owe Me a Kiss (s/t)
ROGER JOSEPH MANNING JR. - Operator (Glamping EP)
DAVID MINCHIN - Come With Me Now (IPO Vol. 21)
MICHAEL CARPENTER - Here She Comes (Twilley Won't Mind tribute)
JEFF WHALEN - Goofing Around (10 More Rock Super Hits)
THE LUND BROS - Cain & Abel (Lund Bros Live)
CADDY - The Good Ones (Ten Times Four)
MICHAEL SLAWTER - Summer's Kind (Last Call For Breaking Hearts)
THE TOP BOOST - She Will Stay (IPO Vol. 21)
PAUL McCANN - It's Only a Fantasy (single)
NICK PIUNTI - You're Perfect & I'm Not (Temporary High)
DOT DASH - Fast Parade (Proto Retro)
RYAN ALLEN & EXTRA ARMS - Why I Run (Headacher)
CULTURE ABUSE - Calm E (Bay Dream)
THE STAN LAURELS - I Want To Believe (Maybe)
JACKIE DAYTONA - California (She's So Hot EP)
THE SUNSHINE BOYS - Tripping Through Time (Blue Music)
BIRD STREETS - Betting On The Sun (s/t)
GOLDEN TEARDROPS - For a Rainy Day (Promises & Smiles)
SMOKESCREENS - Waiting For Summer (Used To Yesterday)
SOFT CANDY - Mourning Glory (The Lovers & The Haters)
CAPER CLOWNS - Pretty & Underwear (IPO Vol. 21)
CHRIS CHURCH - Fall Into Me (Limitations Of Source Tape)
THE TURNBACK - Here I Am (Spinning The Earth in Reverse)
MATT MAYS - Take It On Faith (Coyote)
CADDY - Somewhere Beautiful (Ten Times Four)