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THE STAN LAURELS "Lost & Found" from Single
TODD HERFINDAL "Fate" from Two Track Mind
MATTHEW MILIA "Alive at the Same Time" from Alone at St. Hugo
SCOTT GAGNER "Baby Gets What Baby Wants" from Hummingbird Heart
THE NINES "Don't Ever Lose Your Control" from Shipwrecked
THE BROTHERS STEVE "Angeline" from #1
YOUNG GUV "Patterns Prevail" from Guv I
THE JUNIOR LEAGUE "Falling in Love" from Adventureland
FUZZYSURF "Problems" from Fuzzy & the Surfs
WILLIE WISELY "Sutures Loose" from Face the Sun
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "Falling Down the Stairs of Your Smile" from In the Morse Code of Brake Lights
THE MOMMYHEADS "Mutual Enemy" from Future You
JACOB TURNBLOOM "Suncoast Digest" from Cemetery Luau
THE WELL WISHERS "Back Door" from The Lost Soundtrack
DINKY "Lights Go Out" from Open Letters
REDD KROSS "Beyond the Door" from Beyond the Door
WHITE REAPER "Real Long Time" from Real Long Time - Single
RIDE "Clouds of Saint Marie" from This Is Not a Safe Place
MOVING PANORAMAS "Dance Floor" from In Two
CROCODILES "Prisoners" from Love Is Here
DUDE YORK "Falling" from Falling
RICHARD TURGEON "The One That Got Away" from Go Deep
JIM BASNIGHT "Best Lover in the World" from Not Changing
THE RALLIES "If You Do" from Upside Down
SLUMBERJET "Theme From Our Street" from Single
DUNCAN REID & THE BIG HEADS "Kelly's Gone Insane" from Single
THE ANDERSON COUNCIL "Worlds Collide" from Worlds Collide
THE VAPOUR TRAILS "Sonic Wave" from See You in the Next World
SCOTT GAGNER "Bella" from Hummingbird Heart