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Weekly Podcasts are now single TWO HOUR blocks! (no more Hour 1 and Hour 2 segments)

ISLANDS - Cool Intentions (Taste)
JENNIFER O'CONNOR - It's a Lie (Surface Noise)
SLOAN PETERSON - Good News Day (Midnight Love EP)
DANNY DE LA MATYR - Misfire (Crybaby)
ARVIDSON & BUTTERFLIES - Another She (Blank Season EP)
SUNDAY SUN - Now Is Now (II)
J EASTMAN & THE DRUNK UNCLES - On Your Dime (Pleasing Some of the People None of the Time)
FOOLS FACE - Always the Last To Know (s/t)
CHRIS LUND - Tell Me (Great Event Syndrome)
WANDERLUST - I'm Not You (Yellow Pills Vol. 4)
WESLEY FULLER - Someone to Walk Around With (Inner City Dream)
PARTNER - Everybody Knows (In Search of Lost Time)
ROYAL BLOOD - Where Are You Now (How We Got So Dark)
THE RIFLES - Great Escape (Great Escape)
CLOCKTOWER - Kiss Ya Glass (Days of Rosey Row)
SUPERGRASS - Outside (Diamond Hoo-Ha)
GAS GIANTS - In Between Two Worlds (From Beyond the Back Burner)
JENSEN BELL - Possible Jane Situation (Modern Dating Tips)
PEABODY - New Day (Hi-Cycle EP)
THE BLANK STARES - Here She Comes (All Blown Up)
NADA SURF - The Way You Wear Your Head (Let Go)
ORANGER - Crones (New Comes & Goes)
BERTOLF - Say Something (Snakes & Ladders)
YELLOW SECOND - Lesser Ones (Still Small)
CAROLINA LIAR - I'm Not Over (Coming To Terms)
WILCO - I'm Always In Love (Summerteeth)
CERTAIN STARS - Right On (The Great Destroyer)
RICHARD TURGEON - Bad Seed (In Between The Spaces)
BRENDAN BENSON - Half a Boy, Half a Man (single)
THE NINES - Crazy Little Girl (Colour Radio)
THE DARKNESS - Solid Gold (Pinewood Smile)