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THE PERSIAN LEAPS "About Your Record" from Electrical Living
GUIDED BY VOICES "Unfun Glitz" from Sweating the Plague
BAD MOVES "Spirit FM" from Tell No One
ESTRA ARMS "No Enemies" from Up From Here
SLOAN "On the Horizon" from Navy Blues
TWEN "Damsel" from Awestruck
DEAR BOY "Anything at All" from The Strawberry - EP
RULER "Obvious" from Winning Star Champion
HATCHIE "Stay With Me" from Keepsake
WOLF ALICE "Freazy" from My Love Is Cool
NEW PORNOGRAPHERS "Colossus of Rhodes" from In the Morse Code of Brake Lights
PERNICE BROTHERS "The Devil and the Jinn" from Spread The Feeling
SCOTT GAGNER "Two Guitars, Bass, And Drums" from Hummingbird Heart
McKEON "I Will Prove You Wrong" from McKeon
JACOB TURNBLOOM "Suncoast Digest" from Cemetery Luau
FOXHALL STACKS "The Old Me" from The Coming Collapse
WEEZER "Photograph" from Weezer (Green Album)
SUCCESSFUL FAILURES "Oh Diane" from Saratoga
NICK PIUNTI & THE COMPLICATED MEN "All This Time" from All This Time - Single
DAVE MOLTER "Foolish Heart" from Foolish Heart - Single
NICK FRATER "Strangers On the Bus" from Full Fathom Freight-Train
MATTHEW SWEET "Future Shock" from In Reverse
TREBLE CHARGER "More's the Pity" from Wide Awake Bored
BOB MOULD "Deep Karma Canyon" from Bob Mould (Hubcap)
THE TOR GUIDES "Just a Smile" from Backwards In Reverse
MAPLE MARS "Somewhere Back There" from Galaxyland
ANC4 "Easy Way Out" from ANC4
BIG TIDE "Wrong Number" from Sync or Swim
SPINN "Notice Me" from Spinn
THE MUFFS "On My Own" from No Holiday