itunes pic
BECK - Dreams (Colors)
SPOON - Hot Thoughts (Hot Thoughts)
PARTNER - Comfort Zone (In Search of Lost Time)
FIRST BASE - Not That Bad (Not That Bad)
THE GLAD MACHINE - Homecoming (s/t)
TINTED WINDOWS - Without Love (s/t)
CADDY - The Good Ones (single)
CHRIS RICHARDS & THE SUBTRACTIONS - The Coast Is Clear (Peaks and Valleys)
GRAND ATLANTIC - Freeway (How We Survive)
THE CAMPBELL APARTMENT - Frustration Station (single)
WILLIE WISELY TRIO - Kiss Her & Make It Right (True)
THE PERMS - Lose Yourself (Miracle)
THE STANLEYS - Amy (s/t)
REDD KROSS - Stay Away From Downtown (Researching The Blues)
TELEPHONE LOVERS - Downtown Girl (s/t)
PUGWASH - What Are You Like (Silverlake)
ORANGE HUMBLE BAND - Down In Your Dreams (Assorted Creams)
KAI DANZBERG - Runaway (Free Collection)
THE PINK TILES - Time For Love (#1 Fan)
VALLEY LODGE - Hey Little Girl (s/t)
GREG IERONIMO - You Love Me (Never Leaving California)
JASON FALKNER - Honey (Can You Still Feel)
TOMMY KEENE - Long Time Missing (Isolation Party)
CLIFF HILLIS - Time an Evangelist (Many Happy Returns EP)
THE CHURCH - Metropolis (God Afternoon Fix)
WESLEY FULLER - Inner City Dream (Inner City Dream)
OK GO - Here It Comes Again (Oh No)
THE POSIES - Definite Door (Frosting on the Beater)
TELEPHONE LOVERS - Take You Home (s/t)