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THE SMITHEREENS - Sorry (Smithereens 2011)
THE SMITHEREENS - Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer (Attack of the Smithereens)
CHRIS RICHARDS & THE SUBTRACTIONS - The Coast is Clear (single)
ELVYN - Ellie (Valley of the Kilowatt Hours)
THE SMITHEREENS - Behind the Wall of Sleep (Especially For You)
THE GLAD MACHINE - Days Gone By (single)
MAPLE MARS - Chistmastime in the City (single)
PUGWASH - The Perfect Summer (Silverlake)
THE JAC - A Petty Xmas (single)
THE LEEVEES - How Do You Spell Hanukkah (single)
RICHARD TURGEON - Creeper (single)
TRUE LOVE - Worse Ways Than This (Wings)
THE PERMS - Love Yourself (Miracle)
THE SMITHEREENS - Green Thoughts (Green Thoughts)
THE CAMPBELL APARTMENT - The Mirror (single)
TRIPTIDES - Love Me Too (Afterglow)
THE PINK TILES - Independence Days (#1 Fan)
GUIDED BY VOICES - Packing the Dead Zone (August By Cake)
THE SMITHEREENS - Blood & Roses (Especially For You)
GREG POPE - Christmas Snow (single)
THE GRIP WEEDS - Christmas Dream (Under the Influence of Christmas)
THE SMITH BROS. - Everyday's Like Christmas (single)
BLEU - Snow Day (A Bing Bang Holiday)
TELEPHONE LOVERS _ Downtown Girl (s/t)
SLOAN - Gimme That (Action Pact)
FIRST BASE - Not That Bad (Not That Bad)
KAI DANZBERG - Runaway (Free Collection)
THE JIGSAW SEEN - Candy Cane (Winterland)
XTC - Thanks For Christmas (Just Say Noel comp.)