Hello and happy Thursday! Tom shared of his feeling of joy 'once again' whilst recording this episode of PYP. A large part of that goes to PYP's new producer Sir Niko Ketsilis and his help with the transitioning and getting out of #302 on last Thursday; so Tom and his PYP remain consistently perfect #everythursday since Ep #1 (a little over four years). If it didn't happen, Tom had let it go - was not 'his to carry' but if it did... AND IT DID! Tom and Zen would and did, drive off to Lake Tahoe with a smile on their faces and peace in their minds. Tom then shares his and Zen's time in Tahoe and the huge news of his interview with The Dodo #soulmates on their Facebook page about Zen and Tom's accident. "Fruits of his labor and enjoying the moments and being present" is what Tom would call all of this or... Achieving Quiet.    Tom is overflowing with gratitude to be experiencing all that he is and the opportunity to share all of it with the ones he cares most about =- his PYP listeners! #thankyouthankyouthankyou Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!   Like Pro You on Facebook, follow @ProYouPodcast on Twitter and visit the website!

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