Change is Inevitable   Hello and happy Thursday! It is a great day to be alive - yes? Well it is for Tom and he is feeling good! Tom had been dealing with an unknown variable of his PYP for the past month or so. A long time listener and friend of Tom's came forward and is now the NEW Producer of PYP! And Tom could not be more excited! Tom has history with Niko and they both walk the earth being grateful and thankful, which is part of their bond that Tom truly appreciates greatly! So to Niko a big "Thank you, thank you and thank you!" from Tom and a thank you to all the listeners and supporters of PYP over the past four years. Tom is and shall remain ever so grateful that he 'gets to' do what he does! Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!   Like Pro You on Facebook, follow @ProYouPodcast on Twitter and visit the website!

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