Hello and happy Thursday! It's a good time to be Tom. That's a fact, but it is not easy for Tom to feel so good and to share it. It's actually quite unfamiliar for Tom to be this good anyways yet alone with all that is happening in the world. But Tom has stated when PYP became his journal: I'll walk the earth, have experiences and share those experiences and that's when the podcast became easier for Tom. What he did not foresee was doing so well and wondering if he should share how well he is doing. Again, unfamiliar. Well Tom has never swayed from being him, or his path, so once again Tom is keeping it real and sharing. What he is experiencing and feeling is a sense of true purpose which fills him with joy, calms any noise between his ears and adds to his peaceful Pro You path. Yes, it is getting better to be Tom and he loves it. A special shout-out and thanks to all those in Tom's inner-circle and you know who you are. HUGE hugz to his tribe! Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

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