Hello and happy Thursday! This moment in time is what brings Tom the most joy and pride; his shinny baby, his live journal, his healing process, that which he is most thankful for, Pro You Podcast is four years old! just like Zen! Tom spent many years emailing out what he called 'Sunday Morning Messages' and then he played around many years ago with a friend and tried to record a few podcasts and that did not continue. Roughly six years later Tom had healed and had clarity in one area, he knew he wanted to do his podcast. It was the morning after Thanksgiving four years ago and in March of 2015 Tom posted his first PYP. That truly was his goal because he was highly aware of what he had just gone through and the contrasting amazing feeling he had and begin to build upon that pro You path. Thus, Tom was very thankful, what he had practiced. He was incredibly grateful, what he had practiced. And his conscious mind set was that every episode post Episode #1 was icing and he 'got to' do each one. A lot happened in those four years; rescuing & being rescued by Zen, both unscratched post their accident, Tom began to journal his path, his walk, and his experience. And that became his podcast. A big thank you, thank you and thank you to all who follow, listen, support and care about Tom (& Zen's) journey!!! Enjoy and a s always thanks for listening!

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