In lieu of Michael being out of town Tom wanted to keep the "2 PYP a week" theme going as ongoing thank you to the listeners and supporters of Pro You Podcast by tjd. On today's Pro You Podcast it's another solo-pod for Tom as he shares a listener's journey that truly has affected Tom and his path. He could have easily named this episode "Melly" for whom sent in an email back in May and wasn't comfortable sharing her email with the listeners at first. Then she send updates over the past few months and she then added to the end of her last email, "Please feel free to share my story if can affect someone I'd be happy." One of many things (as you will soon discover) that makes Tom cry... and cry. Being as affected by Melly's journey as he was, Tom began recording this episode over a month ago, questioning what he was doing the entire time. But continued to believe he would upload this episode and he would know the reason when he did, and here it is. You may never have seen/heard Tom this vulnerable before and it was not easy for him, to reflect and ask 'why..?' As always thank you for listening.

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