Hobbit Day is here. So we’re gonna pour a pint and drink to the hobbits that we love in our lives.

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0:23 - SONG: “We’ll Have a Pint” from Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits

2:15 - WELCOME

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7:31 - STORY: The Hobbit, Hobbit Day and ALEP

-- What Is Hobbit Day? -- How I fell in love with The Hobbit -- ALEP: A Long Expected Party -- Podcast: True Story of Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits -- Happy Hobbit Day Music downloads -- Videos: Hobbit Day Celebration 2019, Hobbit Songs,

13:20 - About “Brandywine River Reel”

16:28 - SONG: “Brandywine River Reel” by Marc Gunn & Sam Gillogly from Dancing With Hobbits

19:40 - JOIN THE PUB CHAT (read and see videos at bottom of notes)

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22:17 - SONG: “Everybody Needs A Drinking Song” from Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits


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28:33 - SONG: “Prettiest Hobbit” from I Will Not Sing Along and Name On My Soul

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Howard Fisher emailed: "Marc, Greetings!  I first heard the wonders of Irish and Celtic music through my love of the Chieftains and the Pogues; but finding your podcasts was a revelation in more than one way.

Even though I had love for the music, I had no idea that I would also find a love for the autoharp.  Almost instantly I bought one and began online zoom lessons and although the first month or so has been difficult, my autoharp and I are now in the honeymoon phase and we are both falling in love with each other daily.  Thank you for inspiring me to take this on.  Your tune "Don't Go Drinking with Hobbits" is one of the first real songs that I am working on and I love singing and playing it.  Being a Tolkien fan, I can't wait to hear your new Hobbit songs.  Thanks for all the work that you do.  Take care.  Howard"