I'm making great progress on my new album of hobbit drinking songs.  Called Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits, I am collaborating with other Celtic and Ren Faire musicians to make something fitting for those pint size people in Hobbiton (not to mention those who just love to drink).  I have a full body of instruments to mix.  For the next few weeks, I'm gonna share songs as I finish them.


Musicians performing on today's track include Terry Griffith, plus Daniel l. Briggs and Jon Richardson from the group Dogs in Doublets.

I'm pleased to announce that next year's Celtic Invasion Vacation will take us to France. Ready? Je suis!

I have a new "Celtfather" T-shirt design to promote the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.  Special order your shirts while you can. And don't miss the restock of "Kilted For Her Pleasure" T-shirts.

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Alex, TheLoneGunman, has a new album out that features a recording of my song "Happily Ever After". It's called "Knights, Princess and the Dragons That Come Between Them". Check it out.

I recently did an interview on Middle-earth Network Radio along with the organizers of ALEP 2: There & Back Again. It should be online soon.  You can hear more about the event in show #167 of the Renaissance Festival Podcast.

The latest inductees of the Renaissance Festival Hall of Fame are now listed online.

"We Are The FuMP" Commemorates 500 free funny songs.

Need a banner? You'll be impressed with this place like I was: Just 4 Banners

I have a new convention booked. Meantime, see what Sci Fi Conventions are found in the South.


"Everybody Needs a Drinking Song" by Marc Gunnfrom Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits

"The Elfin Knight" by Burning Bridget Clearyfrom Totes for Goats

"The Floating Crowbar/Paddy Taylor" by An Triurfrom Three People

"We Are The FuMP" by The FuMPfrom a compilation to be announced

"Red Hugh" by Black 47from Bankers and Gangsters

"Follow Me Home" by Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyerfrom Gleowein

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