I wrote my first ever murder ballad inspired by an album Andrew and I came up with called Happy Songs of Death.


  • "Won't You Come With Me" by Marc Gunn
  • "My Own Hero" by Joni Minstrel from Joni Minstrel Kicks the King


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Won't You Come With Me?words and music by Marc Gunn

I left my ship with storms on my mind,High wind and tossing seas.I sought a girl with soft green eyesTo take my mind off me.

Hai diddle-dai-dumBa du diddle-dai-dumBa du diddle-dai diddle-dai deeHai diddle-dai-dumBa du diddle-dai-dumWon't you come with me?

I met a maid by watersideGutting the herring clean.She took my hand, laid down her knife.Then we walked along the beach.Singing...

She set herself down on a rockAnd bade me sit at her feet.The sun settled down and the wind did blowThe curlets across her cheek.We sang...

I took her gently in my armsOur bodies rolling in the sand.When I pulled the knife out of her sideHer body stopped lurching at last.