A couple of years after the tsunami-turned-toxic disaster in Fukushima, a new island emerged near the archipelago of Ogasawara in the Pacific south of Japan. Shot between the islands of Ogasawara and the contaminated fields of Fukushima, “The Voyage Out” plots speculative bridges between these parallel worlds, as a mutating archipelago.


“2023” is the third episode of “The Voyage Out Radio Series: 2222 ∞ 2022” and a collaboration with Nuno da Luz featuring Ayami Awazuhara and Hiroatsu Suzuki. Set between the years of 2023 and 2222, the episode interprets a conversation between two Ogasawawa botanists who speculate on the future ecology of the new island of Nishinoshima. In “2023”, botanical preservation meets species transplantation in an inter-temporal voyage, where documentary materials become the source of a science fiction tale narrated by ghostly cyborgs haunting a loop of past, present and future.