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Friends: Welcome to another new week! How are you doing with the Corona Virus hitting with a vengeance? Are you isolated or still moving about, albeit cautiously?

We have curtailed much of our usual activities - all hockey has been cancelled and the community center has been closed until further notice.

Grocery store shelves are empty as people stock up on items that will keep over time - canned goods, pastas, rice etc. And of course, toilet paper and paper towels are in hot demand.

Being retired from the daily grind allows us to pick and chose our outings, and and we do so with caution, trying to keep clear of large crowds and place where we know touch surfaces may not be as clean as they should be.

And hand washing, always a habit in our home, is now even more emphasised. It is at times like these that hot having a dishwasher is a good thing - whether I want to or not, I have my hands in hot soapy water a number of times each day.

My thoughts are with you all - and I do hope you are coping.

Here is a program to help get your mind off the present and perhaps trigger a memory or two.

Thanks for dropping by!

Cheers and BE WELL.....