In the latter part of 2008, I received an email message from Dr. Ian S. MacLeod – Professor of English Language studies at a school in Liaoyang, China.  The message was in the form of an introduction and a request to begin using our programs for the entertainment of his students.  That was an easy answer – “of course!” 

Mac had set up a small college radio station (with the approvals of local government) and was broadcasting on 99.9 FM to the campus and surrounding area.  We became a part of the daily programming of Radio MAX – CNCE 99.9 FM.  And became immensely popular almost overnight.


A few years later, Mac was offered and did accept a teaching position in a larger facility in a much larger city (6.5 million) Anshan, and moved to take on that task. 

In Anshan, things got interesting.  Mac applied for and received a broadcast licence for Radio MAX – again at 99.9FM and was allowed to increase his power to just under 100 watts.  That gave him access to pretty much the whole city, albeit, in some places a pretty weak signal.


And Radio MAX, Radio Action, along with other contributors became the backbone of the English Language Radio Station in Anshan.  And again, became an overnight success.  Mac told us the broadcast commission estimated that we were pulling in over a million listeners each and every day and were giving the old, established, high powered stations a real run for their money.


He said that it mattered not where he traveled, Radio MAX was on radios in Anshan.  He was crossing a busy road that had a traffic police island right in the center of the intersection.  Pedestrians had to cross that island to get from one side to the other.  Mac noticed that the policeman who was directing traffic had a set of ear buds in under his pith helmet and asked him what he was listening to.  In halting English, he said, “Big Daddy!”  He smiled!  Mac smiled!  I smiled when I heard the story.  Wow!

The other night I was thinking about all these programs that are languishing in the Radio  Action Archives and thought it might be fun to listen to them once again.  So THROWBACK THURSDAY is launching today!

Every week I will go back to the RADIO MAX archives and dig out a program recorded specifically for that station from our studios here on the west coast.  

And bear in mind, all the other Radio Action programs were being carried as well as these shows  except the Radio Action programs were designed for a wider listening audience and were being shared both on the internet and on line with eventually 19 terrestrial radio stations in Canada and the US.

This was the very first program recorded exclusively for CNCE - 99.9 FM - RADIO MAX.  It was never posted to the Radio Action website. 

Enjoy some great radio memories with me.