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Friends: Midweek and time for another edition of the Rock and Talk Program from Radio Action.

This week's show starts right off with a BOOM - and then keeps pumping the sound right through the full two hours.

If you stay with us, you will hear the O'Jays, Peter Frampton, the 1910 Fruitgum Company, Carol King, the Crash Test Dummies, Doug and the Slugs and many, many more of the artists you have come to expect on Radio Action.

Al is here with a very interesting look at Canadians - Retrospective at 20 and 40 of hour one - James is in replay mode at about 25 with Motown and More and Michael hits us at the top of hour two with three minutes of the latest Rock and Roll News from Treasure Island Oldies.

All in all, a fast moving, fun show.

Give us a click and find out for yourself.

Cheers for now.

Don for Al and the Action Team.....