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Friends: Is is warm enough for you? Summer has arrived here on the coast with daytime highs well into the 80's and 90's inland. I saw a photo of the dash thermometer in my son's car yesterday - after work it was 53C which is 127F.

That kind of temperature can melt stuff! He probably should have left a window down a bit.

I have a huge fan that I use on days like today - so it is not all that bad in here. But outside? Whew, it is warm! Not complaining - it has been a long time coming and I am going to enjoy it - the rains of fall will be here soon enough!

Here is this week's Rock and Talk show - hoping you will enjoy our work! We have fun bringing it to you and hope you have as much fun listening.

Thanks for being there, thanks for your support of Radio Action.

Don and Al.....