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Friends: I had a little fun on this program. Do you know what an "ear worm" is? Well, and ear worm is a tune, or snippet of a tune that gets lodged in your ear, or in your brain, and you cannot get it out. You hum it, you sing it, you think about it, and often you cannot identify it as to name or artist.

Piero Umilani provides this week's ear worm. As soon as you hear it, you will think "MUPPETS" but this is the ORIGINAL.

And you will be humming it, singing it and thinking it for a while......

Yes, we do play other music too, and some of the tunes featured on this week's show might also cause an ear worm effect - depending on how you relate to them.

I had some fun recording this show - I hope you have fun listening.

Rock, Roll and Remember - Radio Action.

Cheers from the Action Den

Don and Al......