L’Ohio terre de funk? C’est sûrement le cas! Cette semaine on s’attarde sur un autre natif de Cincinnati, Mr Bootsy Collins.

The Grunt > The J.B.'s
Single, 1970

What So Never The Dance > House Guests
Single, 1971

Up For The Down Stroke > Parliament
Up For The Down Stroke, 1974

I'd Rather Be With You > Bootsy's Rubber Band
Stretchin' Out In Bootsy's Rubber Band, 1976

What's A Telephone Bill? > Bootsy's Rubber Band
Aaah... The Name Is Bootsy Baby, 1977

Str8 Ballin' > Thug Life
Thug Life: Volume One, 1994

Bootzilla > Bootsy's Rubber Band
Bootsy? Player Of The Year, 1978